Permanent Magnet Lifter-PML600

Product introduction 
Light structure,Easy operation,Large suction,Safe and reliable.
High temperature NdFeB material is selected,Long operational life span.
Small size, easy to operate with No power consumption and No demagnetization.
Suitable for lifting and transporting small parts, ultra thick.
Technical parameter

model realted lifting capacity related cylindrical lifting capacity

maximun pull-out capacity

length width height Total height handshank radius range of tamerature for use

net weight

gross weight

(KG) (KG) (KG) L B H A


(KG) (KG)
PML-100 100 30 350 100 60 70 165


<80 3 3.2
PML-200 200 70 700 131 65 70 171


<80 5 5.2
PML-300 300 100 1050 171 90 92 225


<80 10 10.3
PML-400 400 120 1400 222 90 92 225


<80 21 24
PML-600 600 200 2100 271 125 116 244


<80 32 35
PML-1000 1000 300 3500 341 136 141 324


<80 45 49
PML-1500 1500 500 5250 358 157 165 443


<80 62 66
PML-2000 2000 700 7000 441 157 168 443


<80 82 87
PML-3000 3000 1000 10500 590 234 239 940


<80 220 240
PML-5000 5000 1500 17500 742 255 286 1000


<80 410 430

Permanent magnet crane: also called permanent magnet absorb&lift machine, magnetic force lift, magnetic hoist, hoist magnet, hoist permanent magnet, permanent magnet, etc. Has the characteristics at smaller volume, more stronger absorb and hold force, not use power, remained magnetic almost be zero, higher safety coefficient.
Main application
Permanent magnet sucker (Also called permanent magnet absorb&lift machine, permanent magnet hoist) has two types at manual permanent magnet hoist and fully automatic permanent magnet hoist, adopt current high performance Nd-fe-B magnetic material, make it at more smaller volume, more light self weighing and more stronger absorb and hold force, the special magnetic circuit design, the remained magnetic almost be zero. Higher safety coefficient, The max pull off force is 2.8-4 times of rated load lift force. The handle switch of manual permanent magnet hoist attached safety button, can single hand operating, easy and safe. “V” shape groove design at the bottom surface of hoist. Fully automatic permanent magnet hoist needn’t manpower vibrate the handle, depend on the rise and down of electric hoist’s down hook to control the adsorption, can hoist the corresponding round steel, copper plate, not use power and safety use, wildly used in hoisting delivery of steel materials, the level mechanical parts, install and delivery of various dies. Suitable to hoisting tools of normal temperature lifting and delivery tasks at shipbuilding, engineer machine and automobile industries. Mainly used to connect the workpiece which be lifted during the lifting process, (Example:match with ring chain electric hoist, steel wire rope electric hoist), be used in the works of move steel plate, block and column, magnetize material. Easy to operate, safety and reliable, the structure is light and compact. Widely applied in the factory, yard, warehouse and traffic&transport industry. Improve the working condition of loading, unloading and delivery tasks, improve the working efficiency.
Two characteristics:

  1. Small and flexible structure, compact shape, easy to operate
  2. High performance permanent magnet material, never demagnetizing
  3. Needn’t power when working or other power support
  4. Advanced technical magnetic circuit balance design, stronger absorb and hold force, multiply magnetic almost be zero, safety and reliable
  5. The max pull off force is 3.5 times of rated load lift force, higher safety coefficient

Application scope
Apply and lift cylinder steel block, apply and lift cylinder steel block,
Application and lift steel plate, Application and lift steel plate
Permanent magnet sucker suitable to delivery steel plate, iron block and cylinder steel material. Example machine parts, dies of punch machine and various copper steel materials. This permanent magnet crane is one hoist equipment without power. Advanced structure at permanent magnet crane, arrange production according to exporting standards, the quality and performance reach to be leading level of the same category products in the world. Permanent magnet crane widely used to delivery the magnetize objects like steel plate, steel ingot in machine industry, die manufacture industry, warehouse and traffic& transport department.
As the product is updated, the data are subject to change without prior notice
Colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

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